We've arrived at Siesta Key in Uncle (Alice's) Jason's apartment. What a spot!

The apartment is in a small(ish) block, facing almost due west into the Gulf of Mexico with a direct view of the beach and sea. Could not ask for a better place to hole up for a month.

Above is the view of our first sunset.


We've already settled into a sort of routine; beach in the morning, lunch in the apartment, followed by a bit of downtime, before either going swimming in the pool in the afternoon or doing an errand or two. 

La plage:

The beach is rated one of the best in the US, it's extremely fine white sand, apparently all quartz. One of the main benefits is it  doesn't retain too much of the sun's heat - perfect for delicate feet. 

On our first beach day a pod (3-4) of dolphin's swam past 20m from us, we thought the kids would be exited! but apparently after our close encounter with Dante on St. Kitts not so much.

Only concern at the moment, is that this part of Florida is prone to red tides (harmful algal blooms) so we're keeping a close eye on the number of dead fish on the beach for signs it's on the rise.