Propitious enquiry

Sometimes things just seem to align. 

A few weeks ago now we finally received (and accepted) an offer for our house. At first we were lead to believe that they were cash buyers, but they actually need to sell their house first. The positive side of this delay is it gives us time to have a good search for where we want to move to while still earning money from Airbnb guests.

As you can imagine we've since been glued to Rightmove. This time, rather than looking at a specific area to move to, we're really looking for the right type of property, then assuming we like it when we view it we'll assess the local area. Wherever it is the property will need to help us to earn an income, we want space, an acre at least, preferably somewhere with a view and if possible not too isolated. 

Rightmove is very convenient (I can’t imagine doing this kind of search pre-internet) but is not perfectly set up for our type of broad area search since there's no way to view saved properties on a map. In frustration Ali ended up plotting each one individually on google maps and it all became a little clearer: around half of the properties we’d save were in wales and a quarter each for Scotland and England. With the cold seasons coming to the North earlier our idea was to head off in our bus in late August to Scotland then gradually work our way South.

The more I looked at a map of the UK, the larger and further Scotland looked, so before starting to plan our trip we had a brutal cull of our saved properties the result was that 90% of the remaining properties were in wales. We’re heading to Wales for September! Scotland, its romantic isles and beautiful lochs are shelved for the moment.

Pretty much the moment the decision was made an Airbnb enquiry came in: renovations on our house have overrun, could we rent your house for a month? Uhhhh let me think...YES!!