On the road again

After a two week interlude in Chamonix spreading out, streaming, catching up with friends, hiking, and bathing (a lot), we're now on the road again.

Even when we arrived in the luxury of chamonix  Ali and I definitely missed some things about van life which we'd not expected.

At the rhythm we were travelling everything had to be put away two or three times a day. While this could and did get tiring after several weeks it was also quite therapeutic, the bus was really tidy, clean and neat.

When we first set out we were still working out the best places for things but by the end everything had a designated spot and in very easy reach. It was fantastic to always know where F's hat was or where to reach for more bibs (rarely the case in a big house).

But the main thing is that bus life really suited D:

  • She slept better in the bus (routine/darkness/cold/loud engine?)
  • She was more entertained in the bus with F&G to observe at close proximity.
  • And more satisfied out of the bus since we were always doing something or walking somewhere.
  • She loves just looking at the ceiling.

While I'm definitely going to miss hot running water and good wifi, I'm really happy to be back in the bus. New experiences await...