Not always easy in a bus

The strange thing about travelling with your home, is that alongside trying to enjoy sightseeing you're also doing regular chores and trying to fit in home improvements. Made worse by our bus being newly built and not road tested in the cold (nothing seems to be where you need it, when you need it)


Yesterday while walking around Ghent it all got too much for all of us, the kids were squabbling constantly (bored of walking around cities), the cobbles were making getting around really hard for the third day running, Ali was getting over a fever and D (and so we too) had no slept well.


After snapping at each other and the kids, Ali and I decided a change was needed. A better balance needed to be struck between our desire to see new places, the kids desire to be entertained and the bus' need to be cleaned, tidied and improved.


The solution?




It has wifi so we can plan kiddy sightseeing activities at the places we want to visit.

Food is good and cheap.

The kids can have a play in the play area.

We can get some urgent things for our van.


What could go wrong?