Paris visit

On our way to Barcelona to catch the cruise, we stopped by in Paris to see family, particularly the new generation that we'd not yet met. We stayed near Republique in a great Airbnb.

First night's dinner at a really nice indian right on the Canal St Martin (with an appropriate family name).

Next day we took a walk/scoot around Le Marais. We didn't stop here for lunch but will do next time, loads of little eateries, the food looked and smelt amazing.

Quick rest stop for a barquette fraise or six

Took the metro on our way to dinner...

Couldn't come to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. I've alway preferred it at night.

As Ali remarked on the day, the nice thing about the Eiffel tower is they've really left it on it's own, no other tall buildings in the vicinity which makes it all the more impressive.


Next day we had a delicious coffee and cookies at Steele Cycle wear and coffee shop

Dinner with family in the evening was followed by a scoot round the local skate park at 1am (where do they get their energy from?)

Last day in Paris Before the train to Barcelona, we went to the Palais Royal where amazingly the kids found a tree to climb.