Conversation at the park

Today I had a conversation in the park with the mother of three year old twins that F&G befriended. We chatted fairly inconsequentially until it must have dawned on her that our kids should be in school. She enquired, and it lead to a conversation on schooling and our choices. 

I went on a bit.

No idea if she got much from our conversation, for me, as I spoke it gave me some perspective on how far we've come in the last year and a quarter. 

F has gone from struggling in social situations, to someone who like G makes a friend every time he visits a playground. New acquaintances are not restricted to the kids; both Ali and I seem to be striking up conversations here, there and everywhere...

The unschooling/self directed learning seems to have taken a real step forward. Not only do they appear eager to learn things (as long as it's not pushed on them) they seem to be jumping developmentally - F's drawings suddenly improved dramatically about 3 months ago (from stick men to full spread colour drawings), yesterday we told him the tube would take 2 minutes and he started counting the seconds, he comfortably went over a hundred which in my ear shot was the first time (it seems to have really clicked with him). 


It's going to be interesting to see how things continue to change for us going forwards. I can't wait...