Not too seriously

I have an awkward relationship with Facebook. On the one hand I really appreciate the ability to keep in touch easily with friends and family wherever they happen to live. But I think it's the access to groups which really keep me hooked, if you're not on the network you can't access a ton of useful resources for niche interests.

My relationship with Facebook has come to mind because I was recently tagged by a friend to do this:

Seven days of black and white photos of your life. No explanations, no people, no pets. Challenge someone new every day for 7 days.

I was actually happy to be invited to take part, happy to take a B&W photo daily and post it, but extremely uncomfortable at having to nominate other people to take part too. 

When I normally see one of these things flying around Facebook I frown and move on. 

Why is this one different? I like the fact that there is no cause or personal interest, it's just a photo of my life, but also because I'm finding it so awkward perhaps I should do it and see if there's something to learn from the experience. Plus as Ali says it's nice to have some neutral and interesting posts to look at for once rather than the usual political/Brexit/Trump/personal development/inspirational quote/advert/fail video etc... so why not add some to the mix. Mind you if it's photos I like perhaps I need to spend more time on Instagram but I figure one social network is enough.

Anyway I have posted and I have nominated and nothing dreadful has happened. But I still fret that I'm imposing on others. What's the worst that can happen? They can do it, ignore it, unfriend me, that's about it. I think the worst case for me is that my nominees/friends will think less of me and my carefully crafted persona.

I need to take myself much less seriously.


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