Good year for onions

The soothsayers were correct, the stars have aligned, the onions have grown enormous and there is a shit load of snow in Chamonix!!! I’ve not seen as much since 1984 and it just keeps coming down! Our garden has almost waste high snow at the moment and another 30cm is dropping as I write. There's probably enough snow already to last the whole season.

This slightly freaky weather has added to my list of new experiences, from the mundane: I'm becoming an expert at manoeuvring snow from our drive into the path of the snow plough and some more exciting; I went for a night time walk with Goliath, along the river side path near our house, when I suddenly saw two torch lights approaching extremely quickly for such a snow clogged path, thinking it might be a snowmobile I flashed my phone light on to warn them of my presence, they slowed down, but as I approached it turned out it was two skiers being pulled down the path by three Huskies. Funnily enough they were more freaked out than I was, without my torch on, all they could see was the reflection of a gigantic dog's eyes coming towards them in the middle of the night.

Outside of new experiences I've taken advantage of the great snow conditions by taking F&G to the low slopes. F on a snowboard where he’s recovering his mojo:

and G for her first real ski, this is a clip from day 3:

After this latest dump it’s time for my first adult ski of the season. Tomorrow’s forecast is set fair and there will be loads of fresh snow, I’m going to have some fun!