Into The Wild

We went to Into the wild this weekend which is a drug/booze free, family friendly alternative/hippy festival in Kent. It was great.


We went in the bus and were directed to a pitch near plenty of other families. Our bus fit right in, there were row upon rows of eclectic abodes on wheels; your classic VW's, converted panel vans, ex horse boxes, other disability bus conversions, classic motor homes, all the way through to luxury custom jobs (one fine example even came complete with a roof terrace).


We soon settled in and along with taking advantage of the main festival area we really enjoyed spending time in and around our pitch, making friends with the neighbouring families and letting the kids play together and roam free. In effect we got the camaraderie of a normal campsite but with the added connection of attending a niche festival.

The highlights:

  • Raving all together in the big tent on the first night to some fantastic tunes.
  • D finally falling asleep on the first night!
  • Watching the kids having so much fun with their friends around the campsite.
  • The outstanding outfits on display.
  • Fantastic vegan Indian curries.
  • Claiming a super comfortable couch to watch some live music for a couple of hours in one of the tents.
  • Escaping the heat and the festival for ice cream at the very civilised local Waitrose.
  • Returning to the festival after the ice cream and realising that even with it's curious resemblance to a refugee camp (queues for toilets, lack of showers, water rationing, crazy heat, stressed out parents, tired children), I didn't want to be anywhere else.
  • Leaving the Sunday evening knowing we'd avoided the crazy Monday departure.
  • But most of all though meeting some great likeminded people.

We will definitely do it again!