Not all bad

There have been some tough times on the trip but over three weeks there have also been some truly memorable moments (even on the less easy days). I am very grateful.


Freshly baked Portuguese custard tarts from the Portuguese market in Strasbourg - best I've ever had!

Candied almonds from the Broglie market, again in Strasbourg

Every walk we had in la petite Suisse in Luxembourg

Pretty much everything about our stay in Schiedam; arriving and realising we would spend the night in view of the windmills, having breakfast looking at them and then walking around the quiet canals.

D having a very relaxed and long first swim.

The area of docks near where we were staying in Amsterdam (graffiti, submarine and repurposed factory)

The sound of D baby giggling at something random F was doing, then the delight in F's face.

G pushing her mini multicoloured trolley around the dodgy supermarket in Amsterdam.

The walk into Monschau and up to the castle.

Dancing around in the bus to Johnny be good.

D calming down and falling asleep to her favourite album instead of screaming the place down.

The geology of Durbuy.

The morning F&G decided they wanted to help with the washing up and proceeded to do all the drying (with a smile) for the next three days.

Our desperate search for a campsite along the river Moselle which forced us high into the hills above the river resulting in a superb view.

Saying YES to ice skating in Trier

Dancing on stage with G in Luxembourg

Stopping the bus so the kids could have some fun in the first snow of the year.

F&G befriending the boy in Bruges

Having fun in the skate park in Ghent.

The kids running around like crazy with all  bubbles Matt in Bruges.

Bus vrs cows in Luxembourg

Letting the kids play around in the pool until dark in Rastratt.

A lazy morning yesterday.

F&G getting waves and smiles from bus passengers because of our Christmas tree.

Ambling at night through the picture perfect village of Mittelbergheim.

Accidentally finding Ali the perfect Christmas market experience in Kaysersberg. Mission accomplished!!