The great escape

Some moron has not locked the door, they're going to regret that; quick press down on the handle, pull the door towards me and it's time to get the fuck out of here!

I run down the track but my path is blocked by a train line, where to go? To the right there's men working with chainsaws, other way! without slowing down I bare right and sprint up the road. Where to now? Take the road under the railway tracks or left towards the river and the forest beyond? No contest they'll never find me in the forest, left I go, over the bridge, quick check behind me, oh shit there's the warden running towards me yelling. He looks a right state, not even wearing matching crocs, time to move. Now if I remember correctly, left takes me straight back towards the prison, so right it is!

With the warden on my tail they know I've escaped, they'll have alerted their fellow chamshareists, I must assume every human I see is the enemy, and I need to be wary of their collaborator dogs.

I dodge past a couple of turncoats and then a human, the warden is yelling at her to stop me but luckily she's American and can't speak French. I sprint past her as continues to shrug in a bemused fashion at the warden. Fork in the road up ahead, do I follow the river or head up higher? Doesn't matter as long as I can stay out of site, the warden's going to have to check both routes and I can make my escape muahahaha!!

I've been climbing for ages and no sign of the warden. Have I done it? Hold on are those two old ladies down there shouting my name? Damn I've been spotted, how did they mobilise their forces so quickly? Must keep moving, must keep moving... just then I here GOLLIATH!!!! from up ahead. WTF? Someone must have circled around me! I'm trapped!

Oh I see him now, it's the warden. Right I'm heading into the forest. Oh wait, what's he doing? He just sat down, has he not seen me? He's breathing very heavily that doesn't sound healthy. He's still not looking me, do I run? He really is sounding dreadful maybe I should check if he's OK. I'll just give him a quick are you alright nuzzle then be on my way...

Damn it! It was a trap he's got my collar!! Oh no.