Old neighbourhood get together

It has been around 30yrs since we left la Haute Savoie to move to London and so my mum decided to arrange a get together of old friends at a local restaurant while we were in the area.

As we arrived we were enthusiastically approached by this very friendly grey cat. Descendant of Noe or Nina our old cats welcoming us back? He just walked right up and rubbed up against Gs legs.

Walking up the road to our old Hamlet with the beautiful Saleve in the background. 

What was previously known as the river Paice! I remember it being a little bigger. 

Our old house, it's changed a lot since we were there. 

The hamlet

My old bedroom window

After our little stroll, it was time for some lunch.

The restaurant was my favourite in the area when growing up, not only for the culinary experience, but because we were allowed to draw on the tables (paper table covers) to entertain ourselves. Apart from the missing table covers it was all very familiar.

The kids helped out serving the starters to everyone. 


Then we sat down...


 ...to the restaurant speciality of filet of perch with sauteed potatoes (delicious). 


...followed by the awesome cheese course...


...and finished with a Vasherin! 


The kids even helped and enjoyed clearing up. F enjoyed it so much he has decided to make us lunch tomorrow as well as do the washing up.

While I had been back to the area a few times in the past, this time felt more significant for some reason. Perhaps going to a familiar restaurant that had barely changed, perhaps being there with F&G or perhaps because I'm in France for such a long period now. Either way it was really special to go back and remember some really good times.