Our marriage will survive

We’re packing again.

We’ve got pretty good at it over the last few years but it can get tiring. This time is a particularly big effort as we’re getting the house ready for a series of Airbnb guests, packing the bus, making some modifications to it (D has a new hammock and F a new bed) and preparing for a long(ish) absence. The silver lining is this should be all the packing for at least six weeks, probably the longest period of no packing we’ve had since January. 

We live in a bus, ta di, ta da! We live in a bus, ta di, ta da!!! I’m seriously excited.

2017-06-15 11.59.51-1.jpg

So excited in fact that I’ve rather unusually (unheard of) agreed to lighten the master researcher's load and taken full responsibility for choosing the various campsites on our upcoming journey. Obviously due to the high pressure of finding the ideal night stops, I started this search days ago, i’ve looked at various review sites, got advice from various sources and have a fixed route planned out and ready to go. 

I’m of course going to wing it.

Well not quite wing it. I have found a few campsites in the right sort of areas, I’ve access to a couple of really cool maps which list friendly pubs (for camper vans) and wild camping spots, I’m sure we’ll be fine. Besides it’s no fun sticking to a timetable, the main reason for getting the bus was to allow flexibility, flexibility to stay somewhere we like or leave somewhere we don’t. As long as I make the call on the various stopovers so Ali doesn’t have to worry about it, I’m sure our marriage will survive - Love you!

Wish us luck! We’re off tomorrow.