Indian summer

After the less pleasant doggie escapades, things have been going better, we've gone on a couple of hikes and he's copped great. Our relationship is definitely improving.


We've even managed to get him to the hairdressers. Doesn't he look handsome?


As you can see, it was only a trim!


Otherwise we've been enjoying some unbelievably good October weather; while it's down to just above freezing at night, in the afternoon it's been consistently in the mid twenties. The steepness of the valley does allow the cold to linger longer than most places since the sun only starts warming the centre of town around midday. Here's the sun's first appearance at the Paradis des Praz where the sun first gets through around 11am. 


We've settled in so well that we've even found a babysitter and managed to get away for a cheeky lunch without the kids. 


It still feels a little soon to leave Goliath behind, so he came along and was served a refreshment from a rather classy dog bowl.