Well, Ikea was a mixed bag

For some reason IKEAs in every country I've visited are incredibly hard to get in and out of, not sure why. The Ghent one was no exception, made worse by driving a 7 ton, 6.5m long runaround, in a foreign country. I managed to only shout at the kids to shut up twice on our very detoured way in, which I thought was pretty good.

Inside, when we saw the massed throngs of people, we quickly realised we'd picked the worst time to visit - the weekend!!!

Despite the crowds, we managed to get the kids into the play area straight away, had a good lunch and used the excellent wifi.

Other than a lot of queuing (which admittedly Ali did while I sat around waiting) we did really well, we got we needed and I even managed to make it to around 20m from the tills before saying "I really need to leave now".


After some hesitation we decided to spend one more night at our lakeside spot in Ghent rather than moving on.