Croissants back on the menu

It's been six days since I got food poisoning (we think from Jakarta) and there's been no let up. I'm no longer counting the number of toilet visits, I'm keeping track of the number of toilet rolls I go through. Boom, boom.

In desperation today I went to a local medical centre. It turned out to be super efficient. It wasn't free but for a total of £9 I walked in, got to see a doctor (GP equivalent) within 20min, she gave me a prescription and 10 min later I was out antibiotics in hand. If that was available in the U.K. I think I'd do it over going to our horrendous old GP practise. Certainly if something is really wrong and you need to visit often (as you get older say) it's nice to know that it is fully covered by the NHS, but when I was working and time was truly precious I would happily have paid a bit more to be seen faster, which would hopefully subsidise other services (unfair as that might be on time poor people without the funds).

Bizarrely since I have been on a high fat and low sugar/carbs diet for the last 4 months, I'm now on a 100 percent carb and sweet drinks diet (doctors orders). Today's happy moment was going to a KL bakery and realising everything without fruit and cream was on the menu!!! For me, the hardest place to visit while on the diet are French boulangeries since croissants, baguettes, pain aux chocolate, croix de savoie, etc... have all been off the menu - I'm very much looking forward to my croissant for breakfast tomorrow.

The diet has been remarkably effective though. With a final kilo lost over the last six days I've now dropped around 7kg while on it and around 20kg since setting off on our travels a year and a half ago. I've not weighed this little since my university days.