Can't you take a hint?

WTF is wrong with this trip? We'd had a decent day, lunch out, nap for me, swimming and then a nice evening with some new friends. Then on our walk home F turned to me in a panic: Dad I'm think I'm going to be sick. Thankfully Ali is prepared for this sort of emergency and we managed to contain the mess in a sick bag, before making it back to our flat.

Since our return to KL aside from my issues, D's run a fever one night with accompanying diarrhoea, G was sick all over her bed 2 days ago and Ali's tummy's been iffy. We are really struggling.

After having put the kids to bed, I was in my usual position (sitting on the toilet) when with no warning I hear retching coming from the kids room.

Who was that?

F: It's me Daddy

Me: Get in here quick!! I yell

He rushes in, hand over mouth and looks around in panic and confusion, I direct him to the toilet but it all comes out exorcist style through his hands onto the floor, me and himself.

I enquire quietly and calmly as to my best beloved's availability in this time of need. She arrives with a now awake and super excited D under the arm who then proceeds to copy her brother and puke all over the floor. WTF!?!?

Ali and I just look at each other and started laughing. It's either that or tears.


We finally cleaned the bathroom while F rinsed off in the shower. We get him out and wrap him in a towel and say, right time to get you back into bed for some sleep.

F: OK, but who's going to clean the bed?

Ali and I just look at each other in despair as realisation dawns.

We rush next door and sure enough it looks like someone's just poured a bowl of Ramen over the bed! WTF I yell in frustration. Poor F, he must be so embarrassed, we direct him to the couch while we (mainly Ali) gets to work. In all the commotion G is now also awake, totally cheerful and asking perfectly reasonable questions, I do what any parent would in this situation and tell her to be quiet. Meanwhile on the floor D has followed us in, very excited at all the goings on. She goes to explore the cupboard where she silently, stealthily pukes up again. WTF?

I don't expect life to be easy, overcoming obstacles often lead to good outcomes, and I subscribe to the theory that it's how you react to situations that matters most. It's not searching for the path of least resistance but the path that feels right. Lately on this trip nothing feels right and everything feels hard. When we chose to ignore the difficulties a few days ago and decided to plough on, it just feels like everything got even harder as if the universe was saying: were you not listening? You're not meant to be here! Go home.

Laundry loaded in, kids are in bed I apologise to F in case we've scared him earlier, and say goodnight. Ali and I retire to discuss the only thing on both our minds: how do we get out of here?

I go to bed with our plans unconfirmed. Only to be woken up an hour or two later to support F while he's sick again. Ali comes in and says we're leaving!

F turns to her: no more travelling?

Ali: No more travelling in Asia.

F: Does that mean people will stop touching me all the time? - it's been a tough trip all round.


This morning we've booked flights for London. Goodbye Asia!