Alone on the farm

As much as it’s enjoyable doing manual outdoor work, there is so much to do that we decided to spend some money and get some help a couple of days a week. Ali found a couple of young guys willing to put in a shift and we pointed them in the direction of our massive and very overgrown dry stone wall. After one day they’d cleared about twelve meters.

The 5m of wall from the right had not seen daylight for around 30 years!


Today was their second day of work and they’ve cleared the rest of the back wall 


And here’s the view as you enter the old orchard now:


Quite a change from what it looked like when we first arrived, bother photos were taken from pretty much from the same spot.


Ali took the kids to see family in London leaving me with the dogs and a big list of things to do. Some of the walls have suffered with mould and that’s affected the kitchen units so we’ve decided to replace them.

Ive taken all the units out, and while I have easy access started replumbing everything. Unfortunately some bright spark decided to incase the waste pipe in brick and concrete which in turn is holding up the sink. Rather than destroy everything I might have to cut them short and cap them securely. 


Meanwhile I’ve replaced the old copper pipes leading to the kitchen sink.


Unfortunately (but understandably) Ali decided to leave the dogs here for her visit to London. When I stupidly left the kitchen door open Lulu snuck in, knocked over a jug, smashed a bottle of wine and ate a loaf of bread. As a result I’ve put up another pallet gate. 


I feel a little sorry for Golly who used to have complete access to the downstairs and is now being restricted to the corridor because of his fellow canine. Ah well hopefully it’s temporary.

After the plumbing I moved on to putting in one of our new kitchen units, the main job was levelling the floor; between the cooker and the left hand wall there’s an uneven 11cm drop. I’m really happy with the levelling but might need to do something to hide the somewhat agricultural levelling frame underneath.


After a lot of work and a late night with some new friends from the village that I met dog walking (thanks Golly), I was feeling really drained. One of them mentioned they were heading out to see the sunset the next evening. It stuck with me all day, in the end I locked the dogs in and wondered off for an evening stroll accross the cliffs, it was just fantastic.

Looking South West towards the Rivals and Nefyn:


South West again with more of a view of west end beach and the tailings from the quarry up to the left:


Looking East towards Snowdonia in the distance:


A major reason to move here was to have easy access to this sort of landscape, too often though we’ve felt a bit trapped with Golly not wanting to be left behind or doing the bed time routine or some other thing. We need to go and do this more! I feel refreshed.