What day is it?

One effect of constant travel, is I have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is and I'm barely aware of the correct month.

This has resulted in issues like today; I thought it would be a great idea to drive 20min out of our way to a thrift shop in search of a bargain or two. This was working out fine until my dear wife pointed out it was a Sunday (For some reason this affliction has currently spared the fairer sex). It was of course closed. 

I do occasionally encounter days of the week:

- It's busy on the beach/bar/restaurant today (it's likely Saturday or Sunday)

- Why's there so much xxxxx traffic? (rush hour weekdays)

- My news feeds have a sporty feel to them.

- I'm required to fill in a form of some sort. 

Other than that, if I'm left to my own devices, days will tend to blur into one another and weeks can pass extremely quickly. It's like the quiet weekends when I was doing 9-5, where a series of meals, a walk or two and odd errand, would barely delay Monday morning's arrival.

Mondays have an altogether different feel to them now (when I'm aware of them)