It had been five years since I first went on The Essence Process, a lot has changed in me and my life since then. Plenty of the change has been facilitated by what I have learned and experienced in Menis's seminars.

It was fantastic to go back in that environment again, but this time as a volunteer.

At first I found it hard to connect with others and myself. I think this came both from being a volunteer not a participant (being outside the group looking in) but also from my barriers having gone back up over the last two years. Happily as the course progressed, my barriers descended again, I could smile, laugh, feel, love and cry with a whole heart.

Every time I go, my view of humanity recalibrates. In the wider world there is so much anger, hurry, rudeness and unhappiness. With the tragedies that have befallen London over the last few weeks, merged with brexit and Trump's rise there is a really strange atmosphere around the city. And while this atmosphere touched the course and the participants directly, this group of 40 diverse strangers still came out three days later as friends, connected by their very humanity. What is more magical than that?