After my dearest wife very carefully questioned my greenhouse bed layering efforts, I did a bit more research and reversed everything! First the cardboard to stop anything unwanted growing through, then the wood chippings and when we’re ready compost and plants. 

The wood chippings certainly looks nicer. 


We also finished the seating area with a layer of gravel...


 ...then furniture, then D.


To finish off a busy day we invited some friends over to roast marshmallows on our bonfire. It was a lovely evening with new friends, great weather and totally sugar hyped up children!


Also got a pretty cool smokie photo.


After a late night the next day was doggie day (oh and my parents came for a visit too).

Here’s the little munchkin. Lulu is 6months old, about as big as a Labrador already and very cute! 


Her tongue is about two feet long and she isn’t afraid to use it!


Our biggest concern was that things wouldn’t go well with Golly, but in the end it was a none event, he had a quick sniff decided she wasn’t a threat and promptly ignored her. Over the last few days other than occasionally asserting his authority with a small growl it’s been amazingly calm. 


On the positive side for him, having a puppy around makes him look like the best dog in the world! 


She’s into everything!!! She steals toys and food from the kids, drinks from the toilet, shits and pees inside, goes through the recycling and possibly worse than anything wakes up at 5am every morning - Aaaargghhhh!!!!

So that we can get her out fast enough in the mornings to do her business outside, I’ve been sleeping in the living room with the dogs. The only very very very minor positive about this situation is that I’ve seen two beautiful dawns...


while been jumped on by an oversized pup.

As Ali and my attention has been focused on figuring out how to cope with our latest addition and hosting guests, everything else has taken a bit of a backseat.

This morning we seemed to find a bit more of a method and had some good fun with the kids. Ninjas in action bravely facing down some calves.


Before we all went and had a couple of hours on the beach and sea tested our new Kayak - the kids had a great time! Might have to get another one for me!