Snow day

We had a load of sticky powder overnight so the kids and I built a couple of snowpeople. F decided the smaller one was him and G claimed the taller one. This immediately caused an argument; F did not want to be smaller than his sister, the suggestion that G might be standing on rock calmed things down.


With Ali suffering another all day morning sickness bout, I kept the kids outside as much as possible and continued building. What started as sled ramp extension morphed into an igloo/slide - I'm quite proud of it.

The descent was clearly not scary enough for F so he decided he needed to go backwards...


By the next day after more snow, snowF had developed a somewhat Japanese posture...


...before losing his head around lunchtime and  collapsing fully in the afternoon.

To satisfy his sense of fairness F somehow convince G that snowG had to be taken down too. It was promptly massacred.