Personal recommendations

Trover is good but there's nothing that beats a personal recommendation.

I'd befriended the guy running our campsite in Durbuy, on our departure when hearing our general route he strongly recommended a slight detour to an area of Luxembourg known as la petite Suisse (the small Switzerland) which was not on our list. It's named such due to the twisting roads, impressive rock formations and pretty villages - sounded great!

We should really have taken the hint and gone straight there, it was only an hour's drive away due South. Instead we ploughed on westwards with my pre-planned Trover route.

We got to Dinant our next stop (had some impressive photos on Trover) but it felt all wrong. We turned around and decided to miss out our next planned stop, go straight to Luxembourg (city) before going to little Switzerland. The city of Luxembourg again looked pretty good on Trover, but was a real disappointment. The heart of the town looked like a big pedestrianised New Bond Street with matching populace - we lasted about three hours including a sit down lunch.

Time to finally follow the recommendation!!!

Unsurprisingly the moment we did, things started to work out, we found a cheap (8 euros per night) campsite in the heart of the area, with showers, washing facilities, play area, etc... 


It's always easier with hindsight of course, but Dinant had never felt right and in situations like this when luck/fate/whatever throws up an alternative I really need to pay attention.