View from our Airbnb in Barcelona, right in the old town (El Born). Apparently the hotels in Spain have managed to coerce the gov to pass a law, that in effect bans airbnb there.

2015-11-01 14.22.15.jpg

I don't want any more tapas


Really nice stores and galleries throughout the old part of town, this gallery (Art 01) is in the Gotíc area.

2015-11-02 14.11.43.jpg

This cafe was right next door, really nice atmosphere and staff. I recommend the vegetarian quiche.

2015-11-02 19.23.17.jpg

Approaching the Plaça Real

2015-11-02 19.32.04.jpg

Typical street near our apartment.

2015-11-04 13.56.09.jpg

Monastery turned cafe


The markets are amazing