Moment of Happiness

Today I had a moment of amazing happiness with our lives/travelling/the bus.

D was asleep, F&G were on our bed playing computer games happily and Ali and I were discussing where to go next.

It was cold, very wet and we'd been advised of no let up in the forecast for the next few days. Queue yet another change of plan.

After the chaotic day or two in Ghent, we'd decided to loosely follow a two week tour of the Netherlands mapped out in a book Ali had found. Now with the weather damp or snowy over the coming days and the weather map showing 18C in Italy we looked at each other and asked - why are we here? Where would we like to be? What is it that we really want to do around here? 

Bruges, Ghent, Amsterdam and xmas markets had always been on our must see list, everything else was open. So the new plan as of this morning is we're going to go to Amsterdam to spend a few days, then we're heading south.

The delight came from having such great flexibility in our lives, having Ali to share this adventure with who is equally happy to change course and a home on wheels which allows us to go anywhere, anytime.


Life being life, soon after my moment of zen we found a leak coming out of the footwell of the drivers cab. Our home on wheels had sprung a rusty leak just below the windscreen, I was soon scrapping away at the rust, painting some anti rust paint and applying sealant. I have now been fully brought back down to earth.