Well we're in trouble now!

D is immobile no longer.


It's seemed that she's been on verge of crawling for about four months, she finally figured it out two days ago. There's a mixture of delight in her achievement, to go from a helpless newborn to a proper individual, funny, caring, communicative, headstrong and now mobile in around seven months is really impressive, on the flip side we now can't leave her alone for a second.

I've always thought that she looked A LOT like F, she now sounds like him at the same age (lots of excitable screaming) and unfortunately moves like him too - she does not stop!!!

They say that children (adults too?) learn as a series of leaps and plateaus rather than a straight upward curve. It certainly rings true for D, and right now she is leaping:

  • Day 1: got this crawling thing sorted
  • Day 2: hmm, that's interesting I can now pull myself up to a standing position.
  • Today: stairs! ...don't know what all the fuss is about.

Thankfully tomorrow we leave the villa (for a worryingly good deal in Ubud) which might slow down her progress a little.


With our other two, we installed cushioned matting throughout the house. With the hard floors of Asia we're going to need to be very aware for the rest of our trip - I'm really considering looking for a crash helmet.