We are the Paice Family and we are currently wandering the world with our two kids- in search of friendship, adventure and a better education.




I’m Ian and for the first time in a long time I feel I’m on my right path. 

I never thought an argument with Ali in Feb 2015 would result four months later in us having rented our house, given away most of our possessions and set off to travel full time, but that is now our reality and I’m loving it.

Having never blogged before I’m not sure where these posts will take me, here goes…




I am Ali- I am recovering control freak, retired domestic goddess and the mother of two incredible children. 

It has been quite a hard journey of self discovery to get me to the point where I am sort of ready for this but here I am and off we go. Now if I could only let go a little and enjoy the moment it will be all good. 

Fred and George

"I am Freddie. I am a lovely and wonderful boy. I care for my family and I give generously and I can teach you about animals and friendship. I am a gift to the world. "

Freddie age 6

"I am Georgie,  I am a lovely girl call princess Ma Belle Wallawoo. I love pink marshmallows and family cuddles."

Georgina age 3